The Katie Melua Collection/ 凯蒂·玛露丽亚系列 简介


2018-11-06 09:30


Katie Melua

CD 冠軍收錄: 最靠近瘋狂的距離The Closest Thing To Crazy。九百萬輛腳踏車Nine Million Bicycles。如果你是艘帆船If You Were A Sailboat。特別推薦台灣未發表新曲:全英耶誕冠軍單曲《What A Wonderful World 多美好的世界》與天堂歌手[伊娃凱西迪] 跨時空對唱經典。《When You Taught Me How To Dance當你教我共舞》 芮妮齊薇格『波特小姐:彼得兔的誕生』電影主題曲。三首全新作品:Two Bare Feet, Toy Collection, Somewhere In The Same Hotel 。

1 The Closest Thing To Crazy(最靠近瘋狂的距離)
2 Nine Million Bicycles(九百萬輛腳踏車)
3 What A Wonderful World(多美好的世界)
4 If You Were A Sailboat(如果你是艘帆船)
5 Piece By Piece(真情剪影)
6 Call Off The Search(停止漂泊)
7 On The Road Again(上路)
8 Mary Pickford(瑪莉碧克馥(玫瑰美人))
9 Spider's Web(蜘蛛網)
10 Thank You, Stars(小星星, 謝謝)
11 I Cried For You(為你哭泣)
12 Crawling Up A Hill(徐行攀峰)
13 Tiger In The Night(夜之虎)
14 When You Taught Me How To Dance 
15 Two Bare Feet(一雙赤腳)
16 Toy Collection(玩具箱)
17 Somewhere In The Same Hotel(旅館裡的偶遇)